Work Done, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

(My apologies to Michael Pollan for mangling his catch phrase. )

Despite the passage of almost another month, little has changed at the house. Our contractor is still AWOL, and the tile for Mom’s shower seems to have taken up permanent residence in her sitting room. Spouse thinks the contractor is waiting for the installation of the hardwood flooring so he can finish the base boards at the same time. I have a less sanguine view.

Speaking of hardwood flooring, we made our final choice and placed the order this week for 400 square feet. We chose the Mercier Professional- grade Red Oak (far left below) at Completely Floored to match the existing flooring. It should take approximately ten days for it to arrive from Canada. Then, the hardwood needs to sit in the house and acclimate for another five days. After that, we wait for the installer to have an opening.

On other fronts, we now have a new natural gas meter:

Interestingly, it took three separate visits to accomplish this task. First, someone installed the new meter. Then, someone had to test it. Finally, someone came to turn it on. Nevertheless, its advent allowed the nicest, skilled plumber, Paul at Butterfield Plumbing, to install our new tankless water heater.

Other than that, there isn’t a lot to report inside of the house. Our house painter and his son expect to arrive this week and work for two to three weeks, so paint colors should rise in priority this weekend. (Secretly, I am hoping this also spurs our contractor to finish the shower, since the bathroom needs to be painted.) We are also ready to purchase a new natural gas washer and dryer since our current set run on propane.

Outside of the house is a different matter, however. Over the course of two days, I accomplished quite a lot:

Nine new fruit trees in the side yard.
A new dianthus, and a camellia and rhododendron transplanted from the current house by the front door.
Another transplanted camellia, four peonies (marked by stakes) and another new dianthus in front of Spouse’s office window. (Not pictured, four more peonies and 70 tulip bulbs across the way.)
Despite the terrible photo, two new blueberry bushes, two new lilacs and one transplanted lilac in the back yard.
Seven transplanted rose bushes in the front yard.
Sixteen varieties of Horton Iris Garden irises transplanted from the current house now residing outside Mom’s bedroom window.
And one lowly, transplanted clematis that I refuse to give up on.

While working in the yard, we were delighted to find that, not only do we have a basic irrigation system, it seems to function rudimentarily at least. With the advent of spring, I also spotted this:

Forsythia! This made me unnecessarily happy as it reminded me of my home in Califorinia.

That’s all, folks. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t take another month to find more to report.

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