What a Difference a Day (Or Maybe a Well-Phrased Text) Makes

After my last rather dour post, things turned around quickly. Here are the highlights:

New pantry door!

We were so dazzled that we forgot to focus. This will be a recurring theme.

New glue chip doors to my office!

Something’s going on with the fireplace mantle. Spouse says this picture is an optical illusion. In fact, it is level. I am choosing to believe him.

And for the big finish, Mom’s shower pan is at least sitting in the right place.

The contractor also gave us the go ahead to contact our painter to get a starting date. Spurred on by this heady sense of progress, I also contacted our flooring company to get a bid on the laminate for my office and Spouse’s and left messages with two contractors for one of the outdoor projects.

Finally, Mom and I made time for a trip to Seattle Lighting, where she choose this lovely number for her bedroom and sitting room.

Livex Lighting 4824-91 Newburgh 3-Light Ceiling Mount, Brushed Nickel

It definitely feels good to see the wheels of progress turning once again!

2 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day (Or Maybe a Well-Phrased Text) Makes”

  1. Wow! I’ll say. Having just come on board the viewing and seeing the history of progress – so much to consider, I would have maxed out a long time ago – CONGRATULATIONS!! You are keeping on top of it all and the work is looking good. I’m excited for you.

    1. Thank you! I said over and over again over the past five years that we needed to buy and move during the summer. Of course this house comes on the market at the end of October. And the last year I would have chosen is one where so much is going on with the boys. But, we are managing it! And I think we see the light at the end of a very long tunnel, which keeps us going. I’m excited, too. 🙂

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