With the painters’ arrival from California, things took a fast leap forward. I think I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Mom’s shower went from this . . . .

To this . . . .

To this . . . .

The new tankless water heater was installed.

I know all the piping isn’t finished in this photo, but work with me here.

We started fooling around with interior paint.

And ended up with a primary color of Kelly Moore’s Hush Gray with Awakened accents in three rooms.

The Mercier hardwood for Spouse’s office, my office, and the pantry arrived and acclimated for 11 days.

The installer, Hardwood Perfections, did a fantastic job.

The new natural gas washer and dryer arrived.

Unfortunately, that is also when we discovered that the dryer heat vent was squarely placed *underneath* both the washer and dryer. All we can figure is that the previous owners put their washer and dryer up on a platform? Any other answer blocks the door into the garage.

Suffice it to say, in addition to moving one heat vent and one lighting mount, we’ve added moving the dryer vent to the list of jobs for the contractor. That said, the list for the interior of the house is at least getting shorter.

Outside, we did a bit more gardening, planting or transplanting two azaleas, three rhododendrons, three vinca, and two peonies. That moves pretty much everything we planted at the current house to the new property.

The lighting is bad, and they all look pretty bedraggled from the big move, but I have hope.

This week’s project is to get bids on draperies and shades.

As things are winding down inside the house, we are turning a more intense focus to the exterior. Spouse wants a rock retaining wall on one side the house. After that, we will be ready for the fencer, but I question when he will be ready for us since this is his busiest season. He will also break down and rebuild the three large animal shelters and hay storage that currently reside at our current house and fence off and gate the property so we aren’t wide open to the general public. After that, with all the contractors finally cleared out and some ability to control who comes in and goes out of the property, we will finally be ready to start moving in. That said, I’d guess we are probably two months out?

And so it goes.

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