Let the Demolition Commence!

Last Friday, we finally signed a contract with our contractor for a portion of the projects, with the idea that work could begin while we work out the details on other projects. And work definitely began today!

Our kitchen is currently wrapped in plastic..
The carpet is gone from Spouse’s office.
And my office.
They moved the toilet and removed the shower doors in preparation for removing Mom’s tub.
Mom’s window seat is officially history, and she gained an electrical outlet. Who knew?
The master bath has been covered in plastic and cardboard and the tub moved to gain access to correct plumbing issues, although we are considering a different tub because Spouse hates this one.

On a somewhat less exciting note, we made a couple of major purchases for the new house this past weekend.

Fruit trees!

The humble beginnings of our new fruit orchard: a semi dwarf Fuji apple, two semi dwarf black tartarian semi sweet cherries, and a 3 in 1 pear. (Not pictured: a Frost peach.)

Finally, our painters are coming from California and will live in the house while they repaint, so they will need beds. At the same time, our two youngest sons have outgrown twin beds (the middle one now stands over both is father and me!), and their bedroom in the new house will accomodate two queens, so we decided to upgrade this weekend while Costco had a sale.

Spouse and middle son lugging the first of two mattress and box springs upstairs to the attic storage.

We are now the proud owners of an attic full of mattresses.

I guess the best closer for this post is, “What a difference a day (or two) makes!”

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    1. He’s a family friend who has painted for us numerous times. He does exceptional work in terms of details and cleanup and insists on good quality paint. He saved us thousands of dollars by carefully matching ten-year-old paint and spot fixing our California house before sale, rather than repainting the entire house. Our current contractor’s painter came in with a bid of well over $30k, so we will be saving money, and he is a known quantity to us. He often takes jobs out of state, and it will be nice to see him! 🙂

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