Getting Closer Yet So Very Far to Go

Just a quick update with no photos because well, there aren’t any. After around three weeks, the painters finished and are safely home in California, and we have begun getting blind estimates. With the hardwood flooring installed, carpet remains the last major step inside the house. However, one heating vent needs to be moved as it currently resides about a yard into the middle of the room. Since that requires cutting a hole in the floor and patching the hole from the existing vent, carpet is on hold. We also still need to move one more light fixture mount to the center of the room and address the dryer vent issue. The problem has become finding contractors that we can trust and who will actually show up and do the job.

We are having similar issues with contractors outside as well. Before we can fence and move animal structures, Spouse wants to level the area slightly by adding some fill dirt. Despite repeated efforts, we’ve made no progress on any of this. This is a major source of frustration because we can’t move till our animals move. To do otherwise would require two hours of every day be spent driving back and forth twice a day to the current house to feed, water, and secure the animals. Beyond that, the current house can’t go on the market till the animals and their housing no longer reside there.

At times, it feels like this transition will never end, and it is getting rather old.

Fortunately, ways to work off frustration abound, as we have started packing in earnest. So far, we are limited to items that we can comfortably assume we will not need for several months. Even with that, it’s a slow slog to pack up six people and a menagerie, and I am reminded once again why I am adamantly opposed to moving.

I swear my next real estate purchase will be roughly six feet long, four feet wide, and six feet deep. And someone else will have to do the packing.

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