Bookmarking a Future Project

Today, I’m going to take a moment to bookmark a project for future reference. Behind the scenes here, there are neat lists and random scraps of paper galore with ideas for fixes and projects we want to consider later. However, for the time being, we are strictly limiting our focus to those projects that are either mandatory before we can move or best completed before six people and a menagerie are underfoot. That said, I’m pretty sure this blog will have plenty of fodder for years to come from the looks of the lists.

One side of the kitchen has a small wall space sandwiched between the kitchen entry and the staircase leading upstairs. The previous owners chose to put what I think was intended as sort of a free-standing china cabinet that protrudes into the walkway. (Of the thousand shots I have of the house so far, this is the best I’ve got of this cabinet.)

I recently happened on this Ikea hack, which I think might make a terrific addition, providing added storage and warding off the inevitable bumps that will result from the cabinet’s position. Even better, this is a fun project I can do with Spouse! I’m already envisioning a gray paint and faux marble top to match the kitchen island .

The plans and ideas just keep coming, and the fun is just beginning!

2 thoughts on “Bookmarking a Future Project”

  1. So, you’re thinking of eventually moving it to the floor, with a butcher block or other counter top? I want to “like” this. (Too much FB.)

    1. Not quite. The glass cabinet will stay put. We will put the Ikea hack under it to provide essentially more counter space and storage and fill the space so people will not want to walk into that jutting glass cabinet. I got a better shot of the area today and will add it to the next updates. On another note, I actually thought I permitted “likes” so thanks for letting me know!

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