Bits of Progress during Snowpacolypse 2019

A surprisingly strong snow storm has slowed life considerably here. Seven inches fell at our current home last Sunday night, and another six are expected tonight. Schools and colleges have been closed several days in the past week. If grocery stores are any indicator, they have been packed with grumpy people pushing heavily laden carts through mildly ransacked aisles.

That said, the snow provided the perfect opportunity to test the roof insulation.

We are pretty sure that rectangular shape to the left on the roof is a badly insulated attic door. Future project!

It is surprising any progress has been made at the house, especially considering the house sits downhill on steep drive that can be tricky to navigate in these icy conditions. Still, I have a few bits of progress to report.

The carpet is essentially gone from the house now and residing in this large, mildly damp pile in the garage.

Good riddance!

I think this rather large hole in the garage wall is evidence that work has begun on the two electric car chargers that will be installed in the garage.

Work has begun framing the wall that will enclose my office.

And these large holes in the floor upstairs represent the new lighting fixture and light switch in my office downstairs.

I know, a hole. How exciting. But it means I wont be reading by Braille in my office.

Finally, significant progress has been made on the fireplace.

When it’s completely done, I’ll post a before and after pic.

On the gardening front, I added two lilac shrubs to the orchard in the garage because, you know, there are several inches of snow outside, so of course!

If construction doesn’t end soon, I will have a nursery in the garage

Last of all, for anyone interested, here’s a better picture of my jutting kitchen cabinet under which my Ikea hack of the previous post will reside.

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