Are We There Yet?

It has been almost a month since I last posted. Unfortunately, not a great deal has changed. At first, we blamed the snowpocalyse and a thoroughly icy driveway. Now, however, the snow has mostly disappeared, but substantial changes have not been forthcoming. Worse yet, our contractor continues to find more issues with the house that demand attention. In darker moments, it feels like we’ve bought The Money Pit or that we’ve hired Eldin Bernecky, the house painter from Murphy Brown, who moved in to paint Murphy’s house and stayed for six seasons of the show.

Here are the highlights.

We have a new kitchen door.

Door knobs are overrated.

And two new bedroom doors that lead to the deck.

No, I have no idea why anyone would put a heat vent in front of a door

We have two, count’em, two new electric car charging ports in the garage.

The weird track lighting in front of the television in the master bedroom is history.

And canned lights now go around the entire master bedroom instead of just one side.

Hurray for reading in bed!

The faucet in Mom’s shower is now on the right, rather than the left so she wont have to lean around the toilet (when it returns from exile) to turn the shower on from the outside, and has a canned light overhead.

Speaking of Mom, her bedroom now has one central light, although she will pick a different fixture and the old light mount still needs to be patched over.

My office also has a central fixture mount now, rather than two utterly useless wall sconces, although the actual fixture is not up yet.

On the one hand, this looks like a fair amount of progress. However, Spouse and I sat down today to review our initial contract and see where we stand. Here’s what we concluded:

  • Surface Protection: Covering floors and cabinets to prevent damage. Done
  • Fixing broken panes in Mom’s sitting room window – Not started.
  • My office doors – Started but no real progress
  • My office light install – Done, except for light fixture installation
  • Install #356 colonial 2 1/4″ base and reuse old stuff to repair other areas – Not started
  • Bedroom door upstairs replacement – Removed but not replaced
  • Pantry door replacement – Removed but not replaced
  • Mom’s shower – Waiting for shower pan as the first one arrived crushed
  • Remove window seat – Done
  • Fix master tub water fixture – Done
  • 2 car charger plugs : at panel  NEMA 1450R (tesla) ,  X Y W 240 Volt leaf on pole, drywall repair – Done
  • Master bedroom external doors – Done but needs locks.
  • Kitchen exterior door – Done but needs lock
  • Kitchen outlet power on island, one on each side – Done
  • Garage exterior door replacement – Done but needs lock
  • Seal floor of 3 rooms: 2 offices + great room upstairs. Done?
  • Living room fireplace – Done except for mantle.
  • Replace crawlspace door – Not started
  • Garage drywall patch – Done

In the meantime, the contractor found several problems in the master bathroom, and we added a few jobs we discovered:

  • Cover original light mount in Mom’s bedroom
  • Move heat vent in Mom’s bedroom to side
  • Move the light fixture to the center of the room in Mom’s sitting room
  • Add a shampoo shelf to Mom’s shower
  • Stabilize the glass wall in the master shower
  • Figure out why the master shower has only hot water
  • Fix loose floor tiles in master bath (Note: these last three items prove conclusively why DIY is a *really* bad idea.)
  • Add toilet paper spindle to guest bath
  • Fix wiggly faucet in guest bath

Compounding our sense of frustration, this is just our first in a series of contractors. We still need to get in line with our carpet company and the painter. While we know the carpet company works fast because they recarpeted our current home, the latter has estimated that he will need two to three weeks to complete the job. Outside, we still need to get a fencer to create a couple of paddocks for our large animals, dismantle our current animal shelters, and reassemble them at the new house. (And, in case anyone is keeping track, we still haven’t decided on a water heater.) Only then will we finally be able to pack and move to the new house and begin repairing the current house for sale. Suffice it to say, we wont be moving in over spring break as we hoped.

On another front, we have made a bit of progress on the flooring. Since the previous owner put new flooring in the kitchen and entry way last summer, we are attempting to match it so that it flows smoothly into Spouse’s office and my office. Here’s the best result thus far:

Shaw SL111 2212 Big Bend Oak

We also chose the tile for Mom’s shower. Since we can’t match the tile on the wall and the original tile was damaged in the removal, we attempted to find something complementary because anything too close would always look like a failed attempted at an exact match.

Daltile Memento White resting above wall tile (Bathroom lighting is not great for photography.)

Finally, on the current home front, Spouse and Sons put up a 10 by 20 pen for Knowie the horse. Knowie hasn’t been trailered in five years, so the idea is to get her comfortable in this small space, back the trailer to gate, load her goat friend Truffles, and she will simply walk in on her own with no fuss. (This solution is a vast improvement over chasing a Thoroughbred around a third of an acre till she (or more likely, us) wears out and gives in.)

Note food troughs inside.

So, that is where things stand for the present. Here’s to hoping for a more upbeat post next time.

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